Oliver Sayani is an Appalachian award winning musician specializing in songwriting, guitar work, production and lessons.

He’s shared stages with Laid Back Country Picker, Greg Koch, members of Exile, Little Texas, Umphrees McGee and many more. As a member of the band Blind Feline and solo, Oliver has been featured on Red Barn Radio, as well as Number Juan Tequila hosted by comedians Ron White, and Alex Reymundo. He performs and records music with the Kentucky Poet Laureates, Ron Whitehead and Lee Pennington, and has played hundreds of original, independent shows across the region.

Blind Feline’s new KENTUCKY DRIFTER album is a rare masterpiece of original music. I drove the winding backroads of Kentucky today with Blind Feline’s new CD on repeat. The best damn Outlaw country, Kickass Rock n Roll, down and out, running from the law,
lonely and blue, dangerous love, romantic groove, barroom, music hall, nightclub, stadium, wild hard living drinking drugging loving shape shifting music I have heard in ages. The album grabbed hold and kept me in a state of ecstasy for the entire trip.

Oliver Sayani is a musical wizard. Blind Feline is on fire.
Their musicianship is stellar. The vocals are superb.
With KENTUCKY DRIFTER Blind Feline rockets across
the Bluegrass and out into the world.

-Ron Whitehead, Lifetime Beat Poet Laureate

Oliver is a graduate of the Jamey Aebersold Jazz program in guitar studies and music technology. As a member of the band Blind Feline and solo, Oliver has been featured on Red Barn Radio, as well as Number Juan Tequila hosted by Ron White, and Alex Reymundo and hundreds of live shows across the region.

2023 Appalachian Award Winning Musican

Blind Feline Tells a Story of a “Kentucky Drifter” on New Album

Kentucky Drifter is the new album from Louisville based band Blind Feline. Featuring the songwriting of Oliver Sayani, with Dylan Forester on bass and Matthew Griffin on drums and backing vocals, the group mixes classic country, swampy rock’n’roll, rockabilly and bluegrass elements into a cohesive storybook narrating a Kentucky drifter’s depraved past. The album shares stories of sin, crime, love, mental illness, the prices we pay in life, and the redemption we hope to find in the end. All based on true stories from Appalachia to Louisville and beyond.
“Rollin” is the lead track and tells the tale of a wanted criminal. Check out the lyric video below. Kentucky Drifter is now streaming on all major platforms.

-Laura Shine, Louisville Public Media

He is also available for playing other types of events like weddings, private parties etc. and teaches guitar lessons via zoom and in person. Find out more below:

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